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February 8, 2021

How To Minimize Taxes When Selling Real Estate

With Income, Comes TaxesUp to now, we have discussed the myriad of ways to invest in real estate but now it’s time to sell our investment properties. As with most cases, if you earn money, you need to pay taxes. I don’t know about you, but I like to keep the money I’ve earned. That’s why I take advantage of every legal tax deduction I […]

January 15, 2021

Real Estate Investing – An In-depth Guide

Why Real Estate?Despite the fact that many financial advisors dislike the world of real estate investing, I am a big fan. I have a long history of investing in various types of real estate that includes everything from rental properties to timberlands. But why should we invest in real estate? What is the draw and what do we stand to gain? There are several good […]

December 22, 2020

Some Things Business Owners Can Learn From Santa!

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus can manufacture millions of toys for children all over the globe and then delivers them in a single night? I mean, the efficiency of his operation must be the gold standard that we all strive for, right? From quality control to employee relations and research and development to shipping, nobody does it better than ole St. Nick. That’s […]

November 2, 2020

Is Gold a Good Investment for Me in 2021?

We’ve all heard and seen the “buy gold” advertisements on radio and television. Usually, a paid celebrity will talk about how “bad” the markets can be and then pitch a gold product. The question is, how much attention should we give to these ads? Is gold a good investment? They tell us if the stock market crashes, this is one investment that won’t go belly […]

October 1, 2020

20 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes: A Financially Simple List

Christmas is almost here and, for financial planners and tax advisors, that means it’s time to turn our attention to tax season. I know, not the most festive subject, but it is something we all must deal with. So, why not make the best of it by discussing ways to lower your tax liability? Yeah, I thought that might pique your interest a bit. Join […]